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 Post subject: Scream RPG Part 3
PostPosted: 11 May 2011, 22:35 
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Welcome, readers, to The Ultimate Scream Message Board’s Scream RPG - Part 3.
Applications are now closed. The leader of the RPG is Prying_Eyes.
This thread is solely for the story. You can discuss the developments, review each others posts and suggest plot points here viewtopic.php?f=37&t=5289

Let’s start screaming!

Scream RPG Part 3



The Returning, Original Cast of Parts 1 and 2:

Jason Alexander – Played by Peter Kraus – Written by Android24

Heather Slater – Played by Kristin Kreuk - Written by Gracebones

Grace Valentine – Played by Mia Kirschner – Written by Gracebones

Reid Caplan – Played By John Patrick Amedori – Written by ChristopherOh

And The New Blood:

John Jamison – Played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Written by DaveIsGhost

Fallon Lewis - Played by Kathrine Isabelle – Written by Prying_Eyes

Jake Hetter - Played by Carlos Bernard – Written by Johnny

Samantha Rivers - Played by Samantha Jade – Written by Android24

Piper Bailey - Played by Sarah Gadon – Written by ChristopherOh

Evelyn Bailey - Played by Lisa Wilcox - Written by ChristopherOh

Elizabeth Johnson - Played by Jennifer Garner – Written by Woodsboromurders

Abby Crawford - Played by Kaya Scodelario – Written by Prying_Eyes

Mr Crawford - Played by Christopher Meloni - Written by Prying_Eyes

Mrs Crawford - Played by Lea Thompson - Written by Prying_Eyes

Mitch Grimes - Played by Josh Hutcherson – Written by Illusionhead

Mr Grimes - Played by Ray Stevenson - Written by Illusionhead

Mrs Grimes - Played by Kate Beckinsale – Written By Illusionhead

Courtney Farris - Played by Mila Kunis – Written by Woodsboromurders

Alexander Bates - Played by Mark Salling – Written by DaveIsGhost

Cate Worthing - Played by Alexis Bledel – Written by Omegabedazeda

Avery Walker - Played by Olivia Wilde – Written by LostFate

Wendy Charles - Played by Katie Cassidy – Written by Lipstickrumors

Natalia Crescendi - Played by Elizabeth Gillies – Written by Omegabedazeda

Greg Argento - Played by Shilo Fernandez – Written by Illusionhead

Rosanna Taylor - Played by Rosanna Pansino – Written by Delta Lambda Zeta

3 Years after the events of Part 2 and 5 years after the events of Part 1. It's almost Halloween in Woodsboro and the small town has returned to it's semi-normal existence. Reid Caplan, now a relatively successful actor is now engaged and has returned to the town he left behind. With his return and the impending release of the STAB reboot just like clockwork Ghostface has returned to once again wreak havoc on the small town, setting his sights on a new group of Woodsboro teenagers. Is the killer somebody from the past? Is it somebody new? One thing is for sure, it's hard to catch a killer when everybody is wearing the mask.

No one mourns the Wicked...

Cate Worthing & Natalia Crescendi - Scream RPG 3

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 Post subject: Re: Scream RPG Part 3
PostPosted: 12 May 2011, 00:30 
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Nearly 3 years have passed since the terrifying events at Campbell College. During this time, Sidney Prescott has officially come out of her self imposed seclusion with a new book about the infamous Woodsboro Massacre. Woodsboro: A Story Of Survival chronicles the life of a young Sidney through her own eyes. The book opens on the night her mother was brutally murdered in 1995, a murder that the teenage Sidney was an unfortunate witness to. The story covers everything from the trial of Cotton Weary, her infamous rivalry with Gale Weathers, her deep bond with the Riley family, her teenage romance with psycho killer Billy Loomis, and the killing spree she experienced exactly one year after her mother's death. Sidney has never shared her story in such vivid detail until now, keeping it all bottled up for nearly 20 years. The book was a total success, an instant best seller. Bill Finestein at Sunrise Pictures Studios purchased the film rights and shooting began last October in Michigan, without a hitch. Although, they're not calling the film a "remake" of Stab, they are referring to it as a "reboot" of the dead franchise and hoping Sidney will write more books about her other terrifying experiences so they can produce an entirely new trilogy of films. A star-studded Hollywood premiere for the film will take place this week in the town that started it all... Woodsboro.

Somewhere in London...

It's a beautiful autumn in jolly old England. Leaves falling, pumpkins on doorsteps, various Halloween decorations spotted all around. There is a sudden chill in the air this early evening. A drizzle of rain falls onto a red umbrella. Under it, a beautiful, raven haired woman walks down a quiet cobblestone street on her newest pair of Christian Louboutin heels. She holds a brown paper grocery bag and umbrella handle in one hand and a red Birkin bag in the other. The woman in question is the infamous film star, Grace Valentine. Finally arriving at her destination, she knocks on the front door of a magnificent 4-story townhouse. A beautiful, but older familiar face answers. That aging beauty is the twin sister of Grace's deceased mother, Arden Grace Winthorpe Myers (played by Olivia Hussey,


"Hurry in, darling, looks as if it's about to be dreadful out there in a minute.", the smiling woman says, pulling her niece into the house. Grace hands her aunt the grocery bag before closing up the umbrella and putting it away. Arden pulls out a canister of whipped cream from the bag. "Perfect.", she says with a smile.

"The things I do for that boy...", Grace shakes her head, smirking. Suddenly, a little boy comes running up to her in a Ghostface mask. With a quick reflex, she bends and catches the boy, taking a tumble to the floor. Grace is extremely disturbed by this, shocked even. "Why is he wearing this? Where did he get it?", she asks in an annoyed tone.

"He probably just fished it out of that box of Halloween decorations, Gracie, don't need to get all... Weird...", Arden replies.

"Mommy, I missed you!", Grace's young son Parker pulls off the mask, smiling and squeezing his mother tight. "Mommy missed you too, Park, but I don't think I was even gone for 10 minutes...", she says, squeezing him back.

He suddenly bursts into tears. "I know, but... you're leaving tonight... Aunty Arden says I won't see you for a whole week.", the boy laments, tears flowing.

"I know, but we talked about this, baby... Mumsy is gonna be working... Promoting a boring old movie in New York and California. Aunty Arden will take good care of you... and Aunty Gale and Uncle Dewey will be here in just two days with Tatum...", she explains as he gives her his full attention, "Remember, I told you that I use to go away for the whole summer to visit Aunty Arden when I was little. Me and my sister...", she catches herself before saying any more. This is one of those rare instances where she is forced to think about her own deceased twin sister.

"My dead Aunty Gloria...", he pouts, clearly not understanding the impact of the words he's just blurted out.

"Yes... uh...", she just sits there, trying to take this moment in.

"Come on Parker, darling, mummy finally got us the whipped cream for our super-sundaes!", Aunt Arden tries to lighten the mood and change the subject. She holds his hand and gently tugs at him. He stares at Grace for a second, then breaks free to give her another hug. Tears stream down her face as she shakes her head, mouthing the words, "I can't". Arden quickly grabs him and carries him off to the kitchen for ice cream.

Grace picks up the mask, staring at it for a moment, almost hypnotized by it. She snaps out of it and struggles to get back up on her feet. Just then Grant walks into the foyer from the sitting room, confused by his wife's tears. He helps her up. "Honey... Are you alright?", he asks, placing his hand on her shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm ok... I think...", Grace nods, wiping the tears from her face. She gives the mask another quick look before tossing it in the trash.

Later that night...

Grace stands in the foyer of Aunt Arden's townhouse. She holds her sleepy son, squeezing him tight. This is the first time she'll ever be away from him for longer than a few hours since his birth. Arden hugs the pair as Grant takes his wife's bags to the town car. They exchange I love yous. She struggles, trying to hand her son over to her aunt. He pulls at his mother's coat, screaming. "Nooo, don't go! Mommy, don't go!!!", tears stream down his face as Arden struggles to hold him. She nods at Grace, indicating that it's time to go. She blows her screaming son a kiss and exits the house in tears. She meets Grant at the bottom of the stoop. They embrace, Grant wipes the tears from his wife's eyes. The pair are suddenly startled by the front door swinging open. It's Parker. Arden grabs a hold of him just before he's able to set one foot outside.

"I can't... I can't do this, Grant....", she shakes her head, bawling her eyes out.

He holds her closer. "You can and you will. I'll be here for a few more days to soften the blow. He'll be fine. You'll call him every day, write even... Gale and Dewey will be here with Tatum in a couple of days... don't worry...", he comforts her. "I gotta get over there and help... I love you so much! See you in a few days!", he kisses her on the lips, then the forehead before helping her into the car. As the car drives off she feels a deep guilt watching her screaming son at the door. Grant gives her a quick wave, then runs up the steps to comfort his wailing son. Grace sobs as the distance from her family grows.

London Heathrow Airport: The Bar (Interior)

Grace sits at the airport bar, sipping on her martini, waiting for her red-eye flight to board. She watches as a pair of beautiful flight attendants walk past the bar, totally staring at her. She raises an eyebrow, then turns and looks down at the other end of the bar where she sees a woman that looks incredibly familiar to her. She stares for a moment until the woman catches her, then she looks down quickly. In the corner of her eye, she sees the woman get up and walk over to her. As she gets closer, the realization hits Grace like a ton of bricks. The mystery woman is Sidney Prescott. Wow, what are the odds?! Fucking unbelievable!, she thinks to herself.

"Hello there, I'm Sidney...", she smiles at Grace, extending her hand out.

Grace quickly interrupts, "I know! Oh my... The real Sidney... Wow... I'm Grace Valentine.", she is in total shock, completely starstruck shaking Sid's hand.

"I know... You're in my movie... Well, your movie... Based on my book.", she smiles, letting out a little nervous chuckle.

"Yes. Of course you know that.", Grace turns red from embarrassment.

"Gosh, you look like you've seen a ghost. It's ok...", she laughs again, this time awkwardly.

"I'm so sorry... I'm sure I'll be more relaxed after this cocktail.", she says as she downs the martini. She snaps her fingers at the bartender.

"Grace Valentine... Wow, what are you doing here? Vacation?", Sid asks.

"I live here, actually. Just going back to the states to do some promotional touring for... OUR film. I haven't done any interviews since my cameo last year in Stab...9?", she laughs nervously, "What about you? So insane seeing you here... of all people.", she asks, still amazed at this chance encounter.

"Stab 9, huh? Oh boy... That many?", Sid appears uncomfortable with the Stab talk.

"Stab... I know, right?... Well, the last two were kinda based on... MY life. Doing those two days of work in Stab 9 got 5 million for my charities.", she explains.

"I know. I was sad to hear about that... Hmmm... Charity is always good... I actually just finished the European leg of my book tour... I'm on my way to, where I assume you're heading, Woodsboro. The producers want me at the big premiere... Of course I was hesitant, naturally, but... at least I get to see my dad. That's worth it.", Sidney smiles.

"Well, I'm glad to finally meet you... Gale and Dewey have told me so much about you, I feel like I already know you. But, still... My god... Being the world famous, Oscar winning actress that I am, I don't think I've ever been quite so... starstruck.", she laughs.

"Same here... I was a big Family Ghouls fan back in the day.", they both laugh. "I really miss the Rileys...", Sid says.

"Me too, I rarely see them since anymore. They're actually coming here while I'm over there, isn't that wild? Hey, we should sit together on the plane. We can share more. I'd love to know more about you.", Grace suggests. Sid nods, smiling as she sips her drink.

London Heathrow Airport: Interior

"Holy Shit! Was that Grace Valentine or am I just seeing things again?", the tall supermodel-esque, Australian flight attendant asks her friend.

Katrina Silvercrest (played by Jacinda Barrett,


"I'm positive that was her. I wonder if she's on our flight?", the other equally gorgeous, American flight attendant asks.

Marion Crawford (played by Rachel McAdams,


"Duh! Aren't we the only ones flying across the pond at this hour?", Katrina rolls her eyes, yawning.

"Well, she could be on that flight to Spain...", Marion scoffs. Just then her phone rings. RESTRICTED. She pauses for a moment, then answers. "I'm about to board, please unblock your number and call back in about 20..."

"Hello, Marion... Where are you jetting off to right now? Going back home for a visit?", the creepy, familiar voice asks. This sends chills down Marion's spine. She quickly hangs up and turns off her phone, feeling uneasy.

"Who was it, love?", the other girl asks.

"Just some creep trying to scare me... He was using that stupid voice from those Stab movies...", she replies.

"No fuckin' way! I'm in LOVE with the Stab series! I seriously cannot wait to see the new one! I think it's coming out soon... Which is why I'm just a tad excited about the fact that Grace Valentine may actually be on our flight! I'm totally gonna pester her the entire way." Katrina laughs.

Suddenly, a man grabs Marion's waist from behind, pulling her backwards. She screams, startling the man back. It's just her ex-boyfriend who just so happens to be the federal air marshal on their flight.

Andrew Covington (played by Milo Ventamiglia,


"You scared the shit outta me!", she slaps his arm. "God, Mare, I didn't mean to!", he shouts, rubbing his arm.

"Beat it, Andy!", Katrina bumps him with her shoulder, trying to come between the two.

He attempts a strange Cockney-like accent, "Ok, but only if you watch..." He laughs.

Katrina scoffs, then walks ahead of them trying to catch up with another flight attendant. "Hey K, slow your roll!", she yells.

Krissy Jacobs (played by Meagan Good,


"Did you notice at the bar back there? We might be graced with the presence of a huge movie star tonight. Grace Valentine! I wonder if she's a diva like you?", Katrina informs her co-worker, laughing.

"Umm... who the hell is that?", Krissy asks, confused.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Hello! She was in the Stab movies, she also won a bunch of Oscars... She was almost killed... Twice! In real life!", the woman explains.

"Oh... Well, I don't really watch movies... or the news. I usually have better things to do with my free time...", Krissy makes a fist, shaking her wrist.

"Nasty... Have you met Andy back there? I think you'd both get along just great!", she laughs, nudging Krissy.

Krissy shakes her head as they both turn back and notice Andrew giving them the finger. Krissy scoffs and Katrina rolls her eyes. They both pick up their pace.

"Why aren't you talking to me, huh?", Andy asks Marion.

"Did you prank call me a minute ago?", she stops walking and asks, crossing her arms.

"No, why, what's going on?", he asks with a worried look on his face.

"Nothing... We're about to board.", she says as she rushes on down to Gate 20.

Oceanic, Flight 223: Interior

The plane is virtually empty, roughly 30 people scattered about. Most of them already asleep, even through the turbulence. Grace and Sidney sit in first class together, swapping life stories. They are the only two there. Katrina yanks Marion over as she peers through the curtain separating the first class area.

Marion recognizes Sidney Prescott and her eyes grow wide. "Oh fuck!", she shouts. The pair of women turn to the curtain, startled, just as it closes. Katrina puts her hand over Marion's mouth. "I know!", she whispers excitedly.

Marion pulls her hand away. "No, this is not a good thing, Katrina... Did I ever tell you where I was from originally?", she asks.

"California, right?", Katrina gives the other girl a confused look.

"Yes... Woodsboro, California.", Marion explains, looking worried. "I was in middle school when the original murders happened. My parents moved to Maine shortly after that. They wanted to get as far away from that cursed town as possible. My mother was really close friends with Sidney's mother, Maureen... and my older brother still actually lives there... which is beyond stupid! Why anyone would ever WANT to live there, I'll never know...", she shakes her head at the thought.

"Oh my fucking god... No way! Why didn't you ever tell me?!", Katrina hits Marion on the shoulder.

"Because that shit totally freaks me out, so I try not to bring it up... Ever. I'm scared now... Wherever Sidney Prescott goes, people die. It's a fact... Your beloved Stab movies are the proof.", she says as her eyes shift around to every little noise on the plane.

"Jesus... We're on a fuckin' airplane, people don't get murdered this high off the ground! It's virtually impossible... Plus, your boyfriend is here and he's a goddamn air marshal! I don't get why you're making such a big deal, there's nothing to worry about!", she reassures her friend.

"I guess you're right...", the girl sighs.

"Well you know what? I just hit the Stab jackpot! This is a sign, Mare! I gotta get those autographs!", Katrina squals with excitement as she rushes over to the small closet housing their personal belongings. She pulls a book out of her big purse. It's Sidney's book. She shows it to Marion, "I told you... It's an omen! A really good one! So, stop worrying about nothing!"

Suddenly a hand snatches the book away, placing it on the nearest counter. "No...", the head flight attendant says, leering at Katrina. Marion smirks.

Carol Dangerfield (played by Cassandra Peterson,


The younger woman pouts at the older woman. "I think those ladies need their peanuts.", Carol orders, staring at Katrina.

"Nobody NEEDS peanuts...", she mumbles under her breath and rolls her eyes as she pushes the cart down the aisle to Sid & Grace.

Marion lets out a big yawn, prompting her to remember she has a can of redbull in her purse. She goes over to the closet. She digs inside her purse, but has no luck finding the drink. Instead she pulls out her cell phone and turns it back on. Suddenly it begins to ring, startling her. The piercing sound travels all the way up front to Sidney and Grace. They look at each other, then back at Marion. She mouths an apology to the pair and closes the curtain just as Katrina comes by with the cart.

Marion stares at the phone screen. RESTRICTED. Again. She answers it, not speaking. "Hello, Marion... I know you're there, I can see you!", the sinister voice says, laughing.

"What do you want from me?! Leave me the hell alone!", she whispers angrily.

"I want to play a little game, Marion.", he explains.

"Piss off!" *Click* She hangs the phone up.

Katrina comes bursting through the curtain, extremely excited. She waves the open book around for her friend to see. Two Stab celebrity signatures, she is stoked. "So your story checks out...", she says. Marion gives her a confused look. "I brought your name up and she says she remembers you and your family... She's coming back here to say hello... So hold this, I've gotta drop these kids off at the pool. Watch the front for me...", she says. The still frightened Marion just nods. "Alright, I'll be right back.", Katrina hands Marion the book and smiles, then passes through the curtain into the economy class section. Marion turns the book over, reading the title: Woodsboro: A Story Of Survival. She places it on the counter, sighing.

Sidney opens the curtains, startling the girl a bit. "Marion Crawford? Wow... I haven't seen you since... Well, it's been a long time. You look great.", she smiles, giving Marion a hug.

"Yes... It's been a long time, definitely.", the girl is obviously nervous, barely hugging back.

Sid takes notice. "So... are the restrooms this way?", she asks to get herself out of the awkward reunion.

"Yes, uh... all the way... in the back.", Marion stammers. Sid smiles and enters into the economy class section.

Marion's phone suddenly rings again, just as Carol comes back into the flight attendant station. "Hey, No...", she says, shaking her head at Marion. The girl hits the ignore button and slips the phone in her apron pocket. "Where's Katrina?", she asks.


Carol makes a sour face. "I'm always stuck doing everything around here...", she mumbles, frustrated as she slips though the first class curtain. Marion just shrugs and continues setting up the cart.

As she pushes the cart down the aisle in the economy class section Marion notices that Andrew isn't in his seat. The first thought to cross her mind is that the rumors are true... He IS cheating on her with Katrina. I bet they're mile high clubbing it right now, she thinks to herself. She shakes her head as she slowly approaches the restroom area. A passenger grabs at her suddenly, startling her. "I'm so sorry, sir... Uh, what can I get for you?", she smiles, still keeping her eyes on the restroom doors.

"Just a water bottle will suffice, thank you.", the handsome, young British man replies, smiling.

She hands him the bottle and smiles, then continues on her way to the restroom end of the plane. She sees that a couple of them are occupied. She suddenly becomes enraged. Just before she is about to pound furiously on the doors, her phone rings again. She quickly answers. "What the fuck do you want!?"

"Play a game with me or the Aussie dies!", he shouts. Marion is mortified as she can hear Katrina in the background being tortured. "Come down to the cargo hold, we're waiting..." *Click* Tears stream down Marion's face as she slowly makes her way into the bowels of the plane, all the way to the opposite end, right below the first class section. Thoughts of Casey Becker enter her mind, terrifying her even more. A sudden jolt of turbulence sends her tumbling down. She gets up quickly. She hears moaning coming from behind her. She is hesitant to turn around, but when she finally does she shrieks. Ghostface holds a knife to the duct taped Katrina, who is completely stripped down to her underwear. Marion reaches out to her, her eyes red and puffy from crying. "Are you ready to play, Marion?", he asks.

"Please, just let her go...", she breaks down.

"I will if you answer correctly... First question... Name the Stab killers that started it all!"

"No... I can't!"

"Come on... You're from Woodsboro, you should know this!"


"Fine!", he yells as he holds the knife up to Katrina's throat, pressing down.

"BILLY!!!... Billy Loomis... and, uh.... STU! Stu Macher!", Marion screams, confident in her answer.

"WRONG!", Ghostface screeches. Katrina shakes her head.

"NO! I was right! They were the killers! I grew up with them!", she screams in frustration.

"You missed one, so you lose! But, I'll let your Stab-freak friend here fill you in...", he says as he rips the duct tape from Katrina's mouth.

"ROMAN BRIDGER!!! He was the killer in Stab 3 and the mastermind behind it all! Sidney's half-brother she never knew! Please don't kill me, I got it right!", Katrina pleads for her life.

"Too late!", Ghostface says as he covers her mouth with his free hand and stabs her in the chest with the other. Marion screams in horror. Ghostface releases the dying Katrina, then moves behind a stack of crates and pulls out a bound and gagged Andrew, also stripped down to his underwear. Marion's eyes grow wide.

"Now for Round 2!"

"No... Andy!!! Please!", she begs.

"And if you're wondering why they're under-dressed, I found them like that...", the killer snickers.

Marion shakes her head, looking at Andy with hurt in her eyes. Andrew looks back at her with sorrow in his.

"You can give up this round... I can just do you a favor and kill him... It's your call..."

She looks at Andrew again, the man she gave her heart to. The man who's been sleeping with her best friend. She takes a moment to think of all of the times that he's cheated on her in the last 5 years of their relationship. Then she thinks of all of the good times. He's not a bad guy, just wrong. "What do you want?...", she asks, making up her mind.

"Love wins... How... sentimental. Here's the next question... Who is Sidney Prescott's book dedicated to?...", he asks.

"What?! That's not fair... How am I suppose to know..."

He cuts her off, "You have one minute to figure it out. You can go anywhere you need to, but you can't leave the plane!", he laughs at his own sick joke, "ONE minute! You tell anyone anything, he dies, understand?! Now GO!", he yells.

She races back to the cabin, then down the aisle to the other end of the plane, to the flight attendant station separating first and economy class. When she gets there, she frantically searches around for the book. Suddenly Krissy comes out from behind the first class curtain with the open book in her hand. "Have you read this? It's all very interesting...", she asks Marion. The frantic girl snatches the book away from her confused co-worker and flips though the front pages and spots it: "Dedicated to my mother, Maureen. My light and my darkness." She hands the book back to Krissy and rushes away. The confused girl scoffs, then watches as Marion disappears behind the curtains. "What the...? Ugh, freak...", she says, raising an eyebrow.

Marion races through the mechanical, baggage filled underbelly of the plane, finally reaching the impatient Ghostface and terrified Andy. "Her mother... Maureen Prescott!!!", she screams out.

Ghostface then looks at the imaginary watch on his wrist. "Sorry, you're out of time!", he lets out an evil laugh before stabbing Andy in the torso, repeatedly. Blood spurts out onto Marion. She screams and turns around quickly to run away. Halfway down the corridor Ghostface tackles her down. She begs for her life as he straddles her and stabs her in the shoulder, missing her heart.

She screams in pain. "But, I got it right! Please!!!", she pleads.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you never to trust a psycho with a knife?!", he angrily replies, choking her, crushing her throat. She makes a tight fist and slams him in the head, then pushes the dazed killer off. She gets up, rubbing her throat with one hand and cupping her bleeding shoulder with the other. She trips right at the steps, winded and in extreme pain, unable to scream. She crawls up the steps, she sees through the partially opened door, Krissy dancing around with headphones on and her eyes closed. She tries desperately to scream, but her throat is so smashed that she can barely breathe, let alone scream. Ghostface slowly creeps up behind her... and in a flash, he stabs her in the back. She coughs up blood as she tries to scream again, in vain. He pulls her back down into the depths of the plane just before Krissy opens her eyes. She notices the cargo hold door is open, so she slams it shut, not thinking anything of it. A hand falls on her shoulder and she's startled. It's Carol. "No...", she says as she yanks Krissy's headphones out of her ears. "This isn't a discotheque!", she wags her finger at the girl. "We're landing in ten, make the announcement.", she says shooing her away. Carol suddenly hears a faint noise that almost sounds like a scream come from the cargo hold. She shrugs it off as some random airplane sound, then makes her way back down the aisle, pushing her beverage cart and putting on a fake smile. "Please fasten your seat belts, we will begin our descent in just 10 minutes.", Krissy informs the passengers over the PA.

Later on...

Krissy and Carol usher the last few people out of the plane, smiling and waving. As the last person exits, Carol's face instantly sours. "What the... Where the hell are those little bitches, huh?!", the furious flight attendant screams, looking at Krissy for an answer. The clueless girl just shrugs her shoulders and begins opening all of the overhead compartments. Carol rolls her eyes then joins her, opening the compartments angrily. They finally get to the last one when Carol notices what looks like blood dripping out of the bottom. Her eyes grow wide as she turns to Krissy. The clueless girl reaches for the latch, but is intercepted by Carol grabbing her wrist. "No...", she says with fear in her eyes. Krissy scoffs, then yanks herself free. She pulls the latch, releasing the compartment door. The two women scream in horror as Katrina's severed head falls out, landing at their feet. Her blood soaked hair draped over their brand new shoes.

"You! Like I'm ever gonna win an award playing YOU!"

Grace Valentine-Stone-Slater-Stone in SCREAM: The RPG

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There was darkness, the whole room was dark. Reid Caplan cautiously made his way through the haze. "Dianne?" he called into the dark. There was no answer, he narrowed his eyes, trying to see in the dark garage, the silhouette of the car becoming more and more visible as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. Streams of moonlight spilled in through the small windows at the top of the garage door, billows of dust becoming visible as they passed into the light. "Dianne are you in here?" he called again. Reaching his hand out to his left, her felt the light switch, flicking it on and off, the light didn't work. Perfect… he thought to himself. Slowly he stepped down the small set of stairs that lead down from the door that lead inside, venturing deeper into the garage. "Dianne I know you're out here, so just stop fucking around and let's get back inside."

Approaching the car he trailed his finger along the trunk as he slowly walked around to the driver's side of the vehicle. His eyes widened as he could make out in the pale light, what looked like blood on the inside of the window. "Shit…" he said out loud, quickly turning to walk away, his gaze suddenly meeting with a dark figure in front of him. The figure lashed out his arm, the metal catching the reflection on the moon before plunging into Reid's shoulder causing the boy to stumble backwards. "HELP!" he cried out "SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!" he toppled over into a collection of boxes and various tools, blood pooling around him as he scrambled to gain his footing. There was a roar that echoed through the garage as the sound of a power drill came to life. Reid yelled as he looked up at the attacker, who plunged the drill into his chest. Blood spewing everywhere, the spray covering the walls and side of the car. He gasped for air as blood gurgled from his mouth, dripping down his chest before going black.

"…and that my lovely visitors, was Woodsboro's own Reid Caplan's death scene in the remake of 'Slumber Party'… You'd think being from Woodsboro would have taught Mr. Caplan to AVOID ALL GARAGES.." the voice of a young, perky girl said into her microphone. "That was our clip of the day and this concludes my webcast. Tune in tomorrow to see what we have in store for you, and once again thank you for making your one CHOP stop!"


Flicking the broadcast closed on her computer, a wide smile spread across the young girl's face which was framed by her copper-blonde hair, sun streaming in from her windows. She pushed her seat back from her computer, making her way over to her bed and stuffing her bookbag with a few select school books. Abby was supposed to be there any minute, and as usual she was late. Stepping in front of the full body mirror, she examined herself, fixing her hair a bit before hurrying out her door and into the hall the sounds of her shoes clicking on the hardwood floor as she stomped towards the stairs. She could hear the calming yoga soundtrack from her aunt floating up the stairs as she descended them.

"Piper?" the woman called from the living room.

"Yeah Aunt Ev?" Piper called back, her hand reaching for the doorknob.

"I made some flax muffins. They're in the kitchen."

Piper pulled her hand away form the door knob as her stomach rumbled. 'Sorry Abs…' she thought as she turned away making her way into the rustic kitchen (, spotting the plate of muffins sitting on the island. She grabbed one, stuffing it into her mouth and biting down to hold it while she hurried out the door.

"Have a good day at school." Aunt Evelyn called from the living room as Piper passed, in the middle of 'downward dog.

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The silence of Oakridge Drive was shattered by the squeal of tires. At address 165, the front door opened, an elderly woman in a
green and pink housedress sticking her head out into the daylight to see what the ruckus was all about. She rolled her eyes when
she saw the black BMW convertible
screech to a halt in front of the house directly across the street. "Damn kids." the woman said with a roll of her eyes as she went
back inside, slamming the front door shut behind her. Inside the car sat Abby Crawford. A petite, brunette girl with big blue eyes,
which at that moment, were hidden behind a pair of black Ray-Ban sunglasses. She peered at her reflection in the rearview mirror,
a small smirk playing on her bright red painted lips, content with her reflection. She pressed down on the horn, the noise echoing
down the street, making even more of a ruckus than she had done just moments before. She leaned back against her seat, waiting
for her friend Piper to appear. Bringing her left hand up to her mouth, she held a lit cigarette between her fingers, bringing it up to
her lips and taking a drawl. She pulled the cigarette away, blowing out a ring of smoke that hovered lazily in the air above her. She
ticked her attention back to the house, flicking the ash from her cigarette over the side of the open window. From the living room
window, she saw the curtain pull back, Piper's aunt looking out at her. She waved, Abby smiled and waved back. Her gaze ticked to
the time on the dash as she brought the cigarette to her lips once more. A sigh escaped her lips as she tilted her head towards the
house, her gaze on the top window where she knew Piper's room was and shouted as loud as she could. "P! Get your scrawny ass
out here! We're going to be late!" she yelled, settling back against the seat and flicking her cigarette.

A few moments later, the front door was pulled open, and Piper stepped out onto the front porch. She closed the door behind her
as she made her way across the porch and down the steps. She clutched her bookbag as she hurried down the walkway and over to
the passenger side door of the car. She pulled it open and slid inside, closing the door and placing the bag down at her feet. She reached
for the sealtbelt and clicked it into place. "Sorry! I was just finishing up my podcast." Piper said as she sat back against her seat, the
car pulling away from the curb with a squeal of tires. "What are we listening to this morning?" she asked Abby, listening to the music
that pounded out from the car's sound system.

"Something I found on the net. Good, ain't it?" Abby asked. Piper shrugged, turning her attention to peer out the passenger side window.
"It's ok I guess." she said, watching as the houses whizzed by. "You have your podcasts, I have my music." Abby said, turning to look at
Piper with a smile. "Keep your eyes on the road, Abs. I'd like to make it to school alive." Piper said dryly. A small chuckle escaped Abby's
lips. "We've been friends for how long? You can trust me." she told Piper, who gave her a look. "Maybe not when you drive. Do I have to
remind you about the cat?" she told her friend. Abby grimaced. "Hey, it ran out in the middle of the road, okay? There was no way I could
have stopped in time." she told Piper. "You were too busy fiddling with the radio, that's why." she retaliated with a smirk. "Woman, would
you just let me drive? You're starting to sound like my mother." Abby asked as she stopped at red light. "Someone's testy this morning."
Piper said with an arched eyebrow. "You can blame Greg for that one." Abby said, rolling her eyes behind her sunglasses. "What did he do
now?" Piper asked curiously. "Well, he sent me four texts before I even woke up. And then when I was, he sent me six more." she revealed.
"Wow, he's quite the persistent one, huh? It's been four months since you two broke up." Piper said. Abby nodded, the light turning green
as she sped off, heading towards the high school. "He kissed another girl. And not just any girl, but Wendy Charles!" Abby spat the girl's
name out. "What do guys see in her, anyway?" Piper asked curiously. "You mean besides her being total date rape material? I have no clue."
Abby said, shaking her head as she drummed her fingernails on the steering wheel. "You know he's going to be waiting for you once you
pull into the student parking lot." Piper said. Abby lowered her glasses and gave her friend a narrow eyed glare. "Thanks for reminding me,
P." she said. Piper let out a small laugh. "That's what I'm here for." she said with a smile on her pretty face.


Abby pulled into the parking spot in the student parking lot. She turned the engine off, pulling the keys out of the ignition. "Welcome to
yet another brand new week at Woodsboro High." she said, turning to look at Piper. "May it be better than last week." Piper said with a smile
as she undid her seatbelt and pushed the door open, grabbing her bookbag and stepping out onto the concrete. Abby reached into the back
seat, grabbed her own book bag and pushed open the driver side door, stepping out into the warm sun. "New outfit?" Piper asked, looking
Abby over. With a smile, Abby twirled around in a circle, showing off her outfit for the day.
"You like?" she asked as she slammed the car door shut with her hip and followed after Piper. "I'd never wear it but it looks great on you."
Piper said. Abby looked around, pushing her sunglasses up onto her head. "Huh. Looks like Greg isn't being stalker boy this morning." Abby
said, her eyes scanning through the crowd of students as they headed for the entrance. "The day is still young." Piper replied with a smirk as
they headed up the steps and into the school.


"Hey! Wait up! Abby!" she heard someone say as she and Piper made their way down the crowded hallway towards their lockers. Abby turned,
trying to see who had called her name through the sea of students that crowded the hallway. Her blue eyed gaze fell on Mitch, who was waving
at them, trying to get their attention as he hurried towards them. A smirk played on Abby's lips as she grabbed Piper by the arm. "Hold up a
sec, here comes Mitchy." she told her friend. Piper rolled her eyes. "I'll let you two be alone. He doesn't even acknowledge my existence when
he is in your glorious presence." she said sarcastically with a smirk. "I'll catch you later in homeroom." she said before walking off. Abby watched
her friend depart for a moment before turning her attention to the boy that hurried towards her. A smile playing on her lips as she tossed her
dark hair over her shoulder and waited for him to catch up.

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[Farris residence: Courtney’s bedroom]



RING. RING! Courtney’s alarm goes off.

Ugh. (Courtney groans)

Courtney use’s her hand to turn off the alarm. The alarm turns off. Courtney gets out of bed with the biggest bags hanging under her eyes. Her hair is a little bit messy, but not to bad. Courtney glimpses at the note hanging from her mirror. It was from her parents it read…

Dear Courtney

Your dad, and I are going to be at a wedding 6 hours away from home. We will be gone for a week, and just wanted to remind you. There is cokes, and microwavable diners in the freezer so enjoy. Every time you leave the house please lock the doors just incase. Please do not leave the house a mess, and be safe.

Your Mother.

That’s a relief. (Courtney says sarcastically)

Courtney goes over to her drawer, and grabs a towel, and a hairnet. She grabs the hairnet, and places it on her head. She strips down to her bare body. She now leaves the bedroom, and enters the bathroom.

[Farris Residence: bathroom]


She turns on the shower, but before she gets in she places her hand in the rushing water until it gets warm. She steps in the shower. She cleans her body with fruity body wash, and she also washes’ her face with a little acne cream. Her eyes slowly start to close. She manages to open her eyes while taking her shower, She takes the bar of soap, and starts washing her hands, and arms. She feels slightly a bit nervous now, but she doesn’t know why. The shower starts getting louder to her, and her heart starts beating. Courtney starts to realize something isn’t right. She starts to wonder if it’s just her imagination, and calms down. She starts to sing the lyrics to the song “Red right Hand”. She feels relaxed now, and some what happy now.

Behind the curtains of the shower a door opens, and a blurry black figure creeps inside the bathroom. Courtney’s to relaxed to notice. In the stroke of a heart beat the curtain is opened intensely. There approaches ghost face in front of Courtney holding a sharp hunting knife. Courtney screams. Ghost face stabs her in the shoulder. Blood gushes’ out of Courtney’s shoulder she moans, and screams as Ghost face stabs her again in the shoulder.

Please. Please!(she pleads)
Ghost face takes the knife, and collapse’s on the floor. She is dead only to wake up to find herself in the shower sleeping. She was dreaming.

It was all a dream?

Courtney gets up from the shower feeling a little light headed. She comes back to reality to realize she still has to walk to school!

Shit I’m going to be fucking late!

Courtney quickly rushes out of the bathroom, and back into the bedroom without even drying herself.

[Farris residence: Courtney’s bedroom]

She quickly opens up her bottom drawer. She picks up a underwear, and puts it on. It’s a bit damp from Courtney’s wet body. Quickly finds a blue tank top, and a European summer jacket to put on.



She grabs some black tight ripped up jeans that have been laying on the floor, and quickly puts them on.


She also puts on a pair of navy blue flats on her feet, and runs out of the bedroom to the kitchen.

[Farris Residence: Kitchen]

Courtney quickly takes a granola bar out of the food supply cabinet, and leaves the house forgetting to lock the door.

Courtney forgets her car keys.


Courtney runs back into the house, and grabs the keys. Rushing towards the 1970s ugly beaten up Voltswagon van that sits in the driveway.

She gets in the van, and trys to start the car, and it won't start. She turns the keys at least two times.


Courtney comes to a conclusion that she should just run to her school (Woodsburo High) as it's only a mile away...

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Charles Residence : Interior



"MOM!!!! I can't find my laced crop top!", Wendy screams out to her mother, who is obviously not home.
"Ugh, found it.", Wendy sighs to herself as she pulls out of the deeps of her drawers a beautiful laced crop top. Slipping it on over her head quickly she starts for the door. Grabbing her binder, which on the cover has a tiny poster of Stab 2 her favorite installment and a Forever 21 logo. She then grabs her car keys and forever 21 handbag and exits her house.

Charles Residence: Exterior

Wendy stands outside of her door staring blankly, noticing her mom's car isn't in the driveway, meaning she was talking to herself inside. "Fabulous, fucking fabulous.", she mutters to herself as she tucks her flowing blonde locks behind her diamond studded ear. She then makes her way to her Black convertible Mini Cooper, a present from her dad for her 16th birthday.

Woodsboro High: Interior

Wendy makes her way down the crowded hallway with 3 minutes to spare until the bell. Wearing her laced crop top, Cotton On brand skinny jeans and black flats she pushes past the crowd gently. "I can't wait to get out of this hell hole.", Wendy mutters to herself.

A smirk grows on her face when she sees Abby and Mitch standing in the hallway talking. Her greenish/grey eyes move away from Abby and Mitch and onto Piper, a girl who Wendy considers a friend, but doesn't know if she feels the same. Swaying her hips side to side, Wendy makes her way towards Piper, who she knows has some details on Abby and Mitch.

"Hay gurl hayyyy", Wendy says jokingly obnoxious to Piper. Wendy and Piper walk side by side down the hallway towards their homeroom which is a bit far away. "Hi Wenz", Piper says softly to Wendy as she walks next to Wendy. "You HAVE TO HAVE TO tell me about Abby and Mitch, they are just so cute, it's like 500 Days of Summer without the camera production and what not."

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[Woodsburo High: Exterior

Courtney arrives finally at Woodsboro High. The perfect yet eerie green grass, and the wonderful surroundings including the gorgeous fountain made Courtney feel as if it was a regular day. She realized something soon after. The front of the school was clearing up.


Courtney runs into the school, and right when she gets inside the bell rings.

Meanwhile outside of the school a white news van pulls up. Inside the white van is Elizabeth Johnson, who is a failing journalist, who decided to park in the front of “Woodsboro High” for the day.


Also in the van is her British camera woman Nadia White (played by Emma Watson ... 2011-1.jpg)

[Woodsburo High: Exterior: Van

Miss Johnson do you really think its necessary to wait outside of the school?

Shut the fuck up Nadia, and get your Camera ready!


Now!!! Listen Nadia it’s a less than week for the Stab premiere, and Halloween is coming up too something is going to happen(Elizabeth says calming down.) Also I see you tried on some make up… its looks kind of bad you overdid it.( Nadia says in a bitchy tone.)

Listen nothing is going to happen! A brilliant idea is to quit this god awful job.

Listen Bozo the fucking clown! You work for me, and I know for a fact that you need this job considering your financial issues! So if you want to quit go right ahead?!

Nadia looks down, and starts to tear up.

I’m sorry I got a little carried away.

Fuck yeah you did. Now listen up okay… if you ever threaten to quit your job ever! I will fucking fire your ass... capish.

Nadia nods her head

I am going to the bathroom if anything really juicy happens I’ll be right back.

Nadia nods her head.
Elizabeth walks off campus(only a block away) to get to the Woodsburo mainstreet there is a local coffee shop she walks in as there is a bathroom inside. The mainstreet seems so quiet in the morning. It's quite eerie. Elizabeth looks across the street to see a boarded up video store before walking inside the building.

She steps inside the bathroom. Meanwhile now Nadia is waiting patiently in the van when Elizabeth’s phone rings. Nadia picks up the phone which for some reason the number is RESTRICTED. Elizabeth is in a one person bathroom now sitting on the toilet.

Knock. Knock someone knocks on the door.

Someone’s in here!

Knock. Knock.

I said someone’s in here!

Knock. Knock

Elizabeth is fed up she finishes going to the bathroom, and wipes.

Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock!

Elizabeth finishes up going to the bathroom , and opens the door angrily.

I said someone is in here. (she yells angrily.)

She soon realizes no one is there. Everyone of the workers are staring at Elizabeth now….

[Woodsboro Main street]

Elizabeth walks down the sidewalk on the main street. The sidewalk is now a bit more crowded, but it’s still quite quiet. Elizabeth is a bit confused, and embarrassed about the whole bathroom incident everyone looked at her as if she was nuts. Well anyways she tried to ignore the embarrassment, and walked on. She turned to look back at the sad, and rotting old video store that is now boarded up, and then headed towards the school. She sees a familiar face... it's Cate Worthing a well known reporter in the area

Hello… Mrs. .… Worthing. (Elizabeth stutters while being star struck.)

Elizabeth takes out her hand asking Cate to shake. They both shake hands.


I’m such a huge fan, I mean I watch your show so much....

Cate feels a bit annoyed, and starts walking away from Elizabeth. Unfortunate to Cate Elizabeth follows her.

My name is Elizabeth by the way. I such a huge fan. (starts babbling). You know I’ve read all your reports, and I also watch them all the time.

Oh great( Cate says sarcastically)

It's sad though you've become so amateur..... it seems lately. Do you have anything you want to say?

One thing

Anything. (She says getting out her pocket notebook.)

Listen you fucking poser ! If you don’t fucking leave me alone I’ll take my amateur foot, and stick it up your ass.

Someone needs to get laid. (She says to herself as Cate walks away.)

Elizabeth seems insulted, but she figures to herself that Cate just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Elizabeth finally makes it over to the Woodsboro High School campus. The sky is shining over the school. Birds are chirping, and there isn’t even a cloud in the sky. Elizabeth feels a little nervous as the white news van is eerily silent. She didn’t even see Nadia through the windows of the van. She slowly walks over to the van.

Hopefully she didn’t take the getting fired thing too seriously.( she says to herself worried, and feeling a bit guilty)

She opens the van door nervously too see no Nadia, and her phone left on the ground. Elizabeth feels as if something is not right. A figure creeps up behind her, and Elizabeth screams! She finds out it’s only Nadia.

Your back. You seem a bit jumpy. What’s the matter luv?

Lets go get something to eat.

But…. You said

I said lets go get something to eat! (Elizabeth snaps.)


Both of the two girls gets inside the news van, and they drive off.

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Interior - Cate’s Apartment – Living room

Cate’s feet pounded on her treadmill. She regulated her inhaling and exhaling and tried to keep focus as beads of sweat rolled down her forehead. She felt around the display, found the button she was looking for and pressed it a few times, increasing the speed.
Loose strands of hair began to stick to her face. She swiped her wrist across in an attempt to clear them. Failing, she relented and glanced at the timer on the display, which she had avoided doing, so far. The timer read 48 minutes. 18 minutes longer than she had planned to run for. She hit “stop” on the controls and her speed began to reduce, until it ground to a halt.
Cate gingerly stepped off of the treadmill and placed her hands flat against the wall in front of her and steadied herself against it, wincing as her legs adjusted. She raised her hands above her head and drew sharp breaths.

Her phone suddenly sounded, making her jump slightly. She looked over at the coffee table that housed piles of magazines, empty cans of Diet Coke, an ashtray and her three cells. Each with it’s own specific purpose. One for work, one for friends and family and one strictly for shady work. The last phone had a different number almost once a month, to protect sources and more than once, herself.
It was her friends and family cell ringing. She sighed, deeply, and dragged herself over to the only messy part of her otherwise pristine apartment and lifted her cell. It was her Dad. She pressed “silence” and walked to the bathroom.
As she pulled a towel from the cupboard, she heard her work cell ringing. She dropped the towel over the side of the bath and raced back to her lounge, grabbed the phone without looking at the screen and pressed “accept”.
“This is Cate”
“Cate, I have your father on the phone,” said the secretary, “He says it’s urgent”
“Ah. Busted. Ok, thank you Tia, put him through”
“No problem, Cate. And it’s Shirley, not Tia”
“Uh huh, yeah I know”
Cate heard a click as Shirley transferred the call.
“Hi Dad”
“Cate, why didn’t you answer your phone?”
“Sorry, Dad, I was in the shower”
“Yet you heard a call from work. Interesting”
“What did you want Dad? I’m pretty busy”
“Oh yes, busy Cate. Don’t worry, I shan’t keep you, I just wanted to remind you that your sister is expecting you for lunch. I didn’t want you to disappoint her.”
“Interestingly enough, Dad, I hadn’t forgotten” she lied, “and I find it a little annoying that you still don’t trust me”
“Old habits die hard, Cate. You, of all people, should know that”
Cate ended the call before saying something she’d have to eat later.
She dropped the phone onto her coffee table. Sighing, she bent down and picked up the empty cans of Diet Coke. Pausing, she turned and put them back on the table and, instead, lit a cigarette and dragged on it. As she exhaled, she imagined all of the tension that had built up inside her during the phone call was the smoke that billowed out in front of her.
She stubbed out the cigarette, and headed back to the shower.

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It was 7:50. Detective Jake Hetter had one mission on his mind. He had just pulled out from the McDonalds driveway, having gotten a burrito and medium water for himself, and for someone else, some pie and a large Dr. Pepper. He was only a few minutes away from the Woodsboro Police Department. Calm, but focused, he continued to drive through the town's roads as he enjoyed his burrito, keeping a steady eye out for anything that could cause an accident due to his eating. 8:30, he thought to himself. That was the time to meet her. Something very bad had happened, and being a detective, this was a situation for him to solve, even though there was far beyond any way of solving it. To Jake, however, this was all part of the job.

The detective was good-looking in a rough way and had shaded eyes and black hair. He was 39, which in his mind wasn't very old at all, even if by that age most men and women were settling down to a happy, or at least somewhat acceptable life with a family. But his perspective prevented him from trying to get all of that at the moment. Hell, his current idea of a romantic evening was watching the least shitty romantic comedy out in theatres. That or a horror film. Continuing to drive, he listened to "Extreme Ways" by Moby.


A few minutes later, he arrived to the department. Right beyond the door were two young cops, Freddy and Mikeston.

Woodsboro PD: Interior

Neither of them were happy to see the detective. Jake sighed under his breath. He was usually shy and at the same time friendly, but these guys had the look as if they had prepared to be relentless.

"Well, if it isn't Hetter-Better!", Freddy exclaimed, enjoying his corny sarcasm. "Save any lives on your way to the office, Detective?"

"Nah, just mine. Got my morning burrito."

With that, Mikeston coldly remarked, "You know, no one gives a flying ass about you and your ego.".

Jake wasn't too sure what to say back. He wasn't in the mood for this, and this wasn't the right time. After taking a moment looking at the two men who stood there in front of him like statues, he asked, "Look, I gotta find my partner. Have you seen him?".

Freddy had had enough fun, and was aware of the detective's current case. "Alright Mikeston, let's settle down. Hetter-Better, last I remember he went to the bathroom about a minute ago."

"Thanks", Jake replied, and with a smile, walked past the two men as they remained still. Freddy then turned to Mikeston.

"You know, I don't understand why you hate him so much."

"The guy only wants fame, and with a history like his, I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be a bit crazy. Did who hear about some of the stuff he did beore joining this place?

"Didn't he work as a deputy?"

"Yeah, and after that he spent four years doing secret stuff for the goverment, one of them was working for a mafia, doing drugs and everything. He got all the men in jail, but the brother of one of those guys got revenge by killing his sister."

"And then?"

"Then Jake wanted to avenge her death, so he eventually found the man and shot him. Apparently, it was because he didn't put his weapon down. So now this guy's here, and who knows what he's really up to. I just think he's unstable, ya know?"

"Yeah but face it, it isn't our job to find that out. Besides, he's not the only guy working in this office that's looking for fame."

"You talking about John Jamison?"

"Of course I am. You seen the little prick and his hysterical hairdo?"

"Yeah, you're right. And between the two of them wanting the same thing, things will probably go violent."

"Haha, yeah, Saw 27: The Resurrection of Jigsaw's Second Cousin in Law."

Jake came to the restroom to see his friend and partner, Greg Berg, walking out of it. The man was large but had a kind look. He was in his 40s and had short, red hair.


"Sorry I didn't give you the chance to bang on the door,", Greg said with a smile, "But you're a little late than usual.".

"The line at McDonalds sucked."

"That it?"

"That and I ran into a little conversation."

"Boys aren't being mean to you, are they?"

"Not at all. Come on, let's go to the girl's house."

"Did you get me pie?"


"I love you."

"I don't know too much about what happened, so on our way, if you could tell me more about it."


And with that, the pair left.

"I forgot about how long it had been since I had something to eat. A drinker eats when he's loaded, a real drunk eats when he's not."

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- Deleted -

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Interior – Woodsboro High – Hallway

A hall filled with kids making their way to lunch mill around. Two girls stand by a locker, with the bottom half of a third girl sticking out of the locker. Her cheerleading skirt only just covers her ass, something that she is completely aware of. As she puts the last of her books in her locker she catches a female teacher take a long, obvious look. Their eyes meet in her locker mirror and they share a smile. As the teacher walks off, Natalia holds down a dry retch, and then slams her locker door.

“So, are we going to the fountain?” asked Sadie, as she, Wendy Charles and Natalia began a slow walk down the hall, students actively avoiding ending up in their path.
“Can’t. Meeting the elder for lunch”, replied Natalia.
“Are you and Cate still sharing a single can of diet soda, or do you enjoy a lettuce leaf with that now?” said Wendy.
“I guess bigger hips don’t equal sharper wit, Wend. Thanks for clearing that shit up”
“Speaking of eating disorders, did you losers see Piper’s outfit today?”, chimed Sadie.
“I know, right? I tried explaining to her that it’s perfectly fine to express yourself so long as you keep to a sociably acceptable look”
“What did she say?”, said Wendy.
“Ugh, I don’t remember. If you don’t make the effort to look good, I don’t go the extra mile to listen”, said Natalia, as her phone started ringing.
“Who’s that?” said Wendy.
Natalia smirked, “Mr Spelling”. She rejected the call.
“Oh my god, Lia, what did you do?”
“I fucked him, duh”
“Shut up, Wendy”
The three girls reached the exit of the school.
“Could you be more desperate for a grade?”, asked Wendy.
“Could you be more jello?” replied Natalia, as she slinked out of the door, leaving her two friends and strutting down the steps of the High School.
She peered across the street for Cate’s Mercedes. It wasn’t to be seen.

She rolled her eyes, then sat down on the second-from-bottom step.

No one mourns the Wicked...

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Jason sighs with the knowledge that Samantha probably heard him.

“Yeah Sam…I’m fine, just another nightmare.” He replies, running a hand through his hair.

Samantha, still on the other side of the door sighs.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” She asks, waiting for Jason’s response.

“What’s there to talk about? It’s always the same fucking thing anyway. I either get attacked by that god damned killer with the Ghostface costume, watch Jimmy get killed again, or both.”

Jason’s voice holds a hint of irritation as he speaks, making Samantha begin treading lightly, lest she set him off again and he not speak with her tomorrow.

“Is there anything you need me to do? I’m just finishing some edits on your recent shots and I will just be in my office” She says

“Okay Samantha...I think I am going to just to watch some television...If I need to talk, you’re the first person I will come to.” Jason says as he sits on his bed and looks at the television he had put on his room’s desk, which was now currently collecting dust in terms of what it was meant to be used for.

Samantha smiles sadly and nods her head

“Alright hun.....I’ll talk to you know where I am.” She says, walking back down the stairs and into her office to finish her work.

Jason picked up the remote from his side table and turned on the television, surfing through the many channels on it until one channel caught his was a edited for television version of the most recent Stab...the one he had lived through and also acted in. When he had been asked to come on as a survivor with experience, Jason had almost declined doing so. After some thought however, he had changed his mind and done it, eventually also playing himself in the film. While he couldn’t vouch for the other’s who had made it, Jason had done it not for the money, but as a way of moving on. It was moreso a form of therapy than anything.

It was the scene with the collapsed movie theatre and when he went in to save Shannon and her date. He was extremely adamant that every scene he was in be the way he remembered it not the way the director wanted to embellish it.

“Still managed to get a pretty shitty representation of Shannon.” Jason mumbled to himself as he watched himself dodge getting killed by Ghostface.

While most people would say that he was probably adding to his nightmares watching the very thing that was causing them, Jason knew differently. Watching these movies actually helped prevent some strange way that still eluded Jason.

Leaving the television on low volume for background noise, Jason grabbed the book on his side table...the one by Sidney Prescott. Jason laughed lightly to himself....he probably looked ridiculous having Stab for background noise and reading the book by the daughter of the very woman who started all this.

Samantha’s Office:

Samantha was now sitting at her desk again, finishing the last bit of edits when the phone began to ring. Knowing Jason wouldn’t pick it up since he refuses to keep on in his room, she picked up the one on her desk.

“Samantha Rivers speaking, Jason Alexander’s assistant.” She said, waiting for a reply.

When she received none she raised an eyebrow.

“Hello?” She asked again.

“Hello.” The caller replied, the sound of the Ghostface killer on the other end

“Yes? Is there something I can do for you? Do you have a request for Jason I can relay to him?” She asked as the person on the other end chuckled.

“You could ask him what his favorite scary movie is.” The voice replied, instantly changing Samantha’s mood from calm to furious.

“Well he would probably retort with his life dipshit. Is there any OTHER bright questions you want to ask before I report your sorry ass?”

“You could ask him what his boyfriend looked like inside his head.” The voice relied, chuckling.

Samantha looked at the caller ID and smirked.

“Hey asshole? Did you ever stop to consider that I have caller ID?” she asked as the voice on the other end took a quick breath

“Didn’t think about that did you? You do realize it is against the law, at least in Woodsboro, to own and use that horrid Stab voice mask app.” Samantha said, her voice a venomously sweet tone to it, barely masking her hidden rage.

“Shit!” The person on the other end yelled, the voice changing from the Ghostface voice to what Samantha assumed was their real voice.

“Thought as much.” Samantha said to herself, smiling to herself as she wrote down the prankster’s phone number to later submit to the police.

“Nobody fucks with my Jason and gets away with it.” She said to herself, going back to her editing.


Having finished editing hours ago, Samantha was laying on the couch in the living room, listening to music and staring at the ceiling, as per usual for her. While most people would find it boring, she found it calming...which is probably why she always ended up doing it when she was pissed, or stressed.

Jason walked into the room and saw her and smiled.

“Hey Sam...what’s up?” He asked as he walked to the counter in the kitchen and flicked the switch of his water boiler, ready for his tea of the day.

“Nothing really....we may need to change the house number again.” She replied, still looking at the ceiling.
Jason grabbed his tea out of the cupboard along with a mug.

“Another prank call?” Jason asked, sounding like it was old news.

“Yeah...another dumbass asking what your favorite scary movie is.” Samantha replied, leaving out the question about Jimmy.

“For all the laws about that, I have not ONCE heard about someone getting in shit for doing that.” Jason says as he comes into the living room and joining Samantha on the couch.

“Well this time they ARE getting in trouble...I wrote the person’s number down and I’m gonna take it to the police later.” She said as Jason nodded.

They sat in silence until Jason’s water clicked, signaling it was ready for the teabag.

“ okay?” Samantha asked awkwardly as Jason poured his water.

“Yes, I’m fine Sam...the dreams....well they have been getting less frequent I think. I’ve been reading Sidney Prescott’s book and it’s actually kind of...well it’s been kind of helping me realize that it wasn’t my fault Jimmy died. I know you had told me that but....I have to admit I always thought that unless you were there, you wouldn’t understand. Sidney....well you know. It’s just different coming from someone who has been through the same thing three times.” Jason says as he mixes some sugar and milk into the mug of tea water.

Samantha smiles sweetly as Jason comes back to the couch and sits down beside her.

“Well I can be one hundred percent sure that that is definitely something I DON’T want to go offense hun.” She says as Jason smiles weakly.

“Trust me honey, neither do I...neither do I.” He replies as he sips his tea.

((Well this has been an ordeal posting this! I had to cut out the part that led up to Jason speaking in the first place so if you want to read what leads up to this, look at my character app...the site doesn't like me posting that for some reason. Now, I hope it's okay if I put it so Jason has been in the Stab about Part II because I felt it was needed to develop his character. PLEASE tell me if anything in this is wrong. Thanks, and enjoy :D)

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Bates Residence - Interior

Image ... room-3.jpg

"Alex!! Wake up!! Mom said your gonna be late for school!" Brittany said as she stared at the unmoving lump underneath the blanket. "Alex!!" She yelled in frustration. Brittany turned and looked around the room. She walked over to the stereo and turned it all the way up. "This will get you up." She said with an evil smile. She slowly moved her finger closer and closer until she pushed the play button.

Alex awoke with a start as the music kicked on. His body jumped and he fell out of the bed and onto the floor. "What the fuck!!" Alex said as he quickly got to his feet. He quickly turned and looked around the room to see his little sister Brittany ( rushing out of the room. "Stay outta my room Britt!" he yelled as he walked over to the stereo and turned it down. Talk about a wake up call... he thought as he wiped the sleep from his eyes and sat down as his computer. He moved the mouse to turn off the screen saver.

"" Alex said as he typed. He smiled to himself as the started to watch Piper's webcast. Ouch... he thought as he watched Reid Caplan's death movie clip. "ALEX HURRY UP!!" He heard someone yell from downstairs. Alex looked at the clock on his computer. "Shit! I'm going to be late!" He said as he quickly got dressed and quickly hurried off to school.

Alex ran into the highschool just as he heard the first bell ring. I've still got time.. he told himself as he quickly ran to his locker and quickly grabbed his English book. Alex slammed his locker shut with a bang, he turned and began running down the hall. "Stop running!" Fred the janitor called as Alex hurried toward the classroom. "Damn kids.." Fred said under his breath as he swept the floor.

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The silence of the bedroom was broken by a light moan. The large king sized bed was a tangle of sheets, a bare leg poking out
from under the covers. Fallon Lewis opened her eyes, wincing at the sunlight that filtered through the window. She mumbled to
herself as she buried her face into her pillow, her auburn hair catching the light of the sun. She felt a hand on her bare arm, gently
caressing it. She lifted her head off the pillow and looked over to reveal the other person who was lying in bed with her. Reid Caplan.
Her fiancee. He was propped up on one arm and gazing at her with a small smirk playing on his lips. "What is it? Do I have bed head
or something?" she asked him with an arched eyebrow. His smile grew as he kept caressing her arm. "No. You just looked so peaceful
sleeping." he told her. "Well SOMEONE kept me up all night." she said with a wink as a devilish smirk played on her lips. "You didn't
seem to mind. In fact, you sounded really..happy." he said with a chuckle. A laugh escaped Fallon's lips as she sat up, pushing her
auburn locks away from her face. "Oh, I was happy alright. I can go for another round, how about you?" she said as she pounced on
top of him. He looked up at her as she leaned down, her hair falling freely, as their lips met. The kiss was intense, and soon Fallon's
lips were moving to his neck, and then down to his bare chest. His eyes fluttered closed as his hand tangled in her hair, letting out a
soft moan. His dark eyes snapped open as she suddenly sat up, and climbed off the bed, revealing the lingerie she wore.

"Hey! Where are you going?" he asked her, watching as she made her way across the bedroom to the closet door. She pulled the door
open and pulled out a white silk robe, sliding into it and tying it shut. "To make breakfast." she told him as she turned to look back at
him, closing the door behind her as she did so. Reid let out a groan as he sat up. "You're such a tease." he told her as he ran his hand
through his hair. Fallon shot him a narrowed eyed stare. "I'm hungry. Besides, your mom is probably up." she pointed out to him. Once
moving back to Woodsboro, Reid had taken his mother into their home. After a history of alcohol abuse, Mrs. Caplan was finally sober.
The older woman usually just lounged around the house all day, sometimes taking in a few clients who needed to have their hair done.
Fallon and Mrs. Caplan got along well, all things considering. Sometimes it annoyed Fallon that Reid's mother was usually always there,
but she often bit her tongue and let it be. Mrs. Caplan had a real serious problem that went on for years, and it was Reid himself who
had helped her overcome it by getting her the help she needed. "I'll be down shortly." Reid told her. She blew him a kiss before pulling
the bedroom door open and stepping out into the upstairs hall. It was silent as she padded down the stairs on bare feet, making her
way into the kitchen.


Fallon frowned, the kitchen was empty. Mrs. Caplan was usually up and seated at the counter with a cup of coffee on most days, but not
today. Maybe she's still sleeping. Fallon thought to herself as she went over to the fridge. She pulled the door open and peered inside.
Suddenly, the back door burst open. Fallon let out a gasp, whirling around. "Lynette!" she said, watching as Reid's mother walked into the
kitchen, her arms loaded with grocery bags. "Fallon. A little help here?" she asked. Fallon hurried over to the woman and grabbed a bag
from out of her hands. "Where did you go?" she asked Mrs. Caplan. "To do some groceries! And I bought some delicious pastries for our
breakfast. No need to prepare breakfast this morning!" she announced cheerfully. She put the bags down on the counter and began to
pull out it's contents. "Is Reid up?" Lynette asked. Fallon nodded, a carton of milk in her hands as she made her way over to the fridge
and pulled the door open, placing the carton inside. "He should be down any minute." she told the older woman. "So did you two have
fun last night?" Mrs. Caplan asked. Fallon's eyes grew wide, her face reddening. "Fun?" she asked, her voice shaking. "Didn't you go to
cut the ribbon at the reopening of the Woodsboro Drive-In?" Lynette asked with an arched eyebrow. Fallon let out a sigh of relief. "Ohh!
That fun. Yeah, we had a good time." she told Mrs. Caplan. "Who had a good time?" Reid asked as he entered the kitchen. He made
his way over to the coffee machine, grabbing a cup. "Us. Last night, at the ribbon cutting ceremony." Fallon explained to her fiancee.

"Oh, yeah. Sure, it was alright." Reid explained as he brought his now filled cup of coffee to sit at one of the stools against the counter.
Mrs. Caplan slid a box of pastries in his direction. "Breakfast." she explained. He shrugged and pulled a pastry out from the box. Fallon
sat down across from him, reaching in to grab a pastry as well. "What are your plans for today?" Mrs. Caplan asked them. "I have some
press to do later on. I have an interview." Reid explained. "With Cate Worthing." Fallon elaborated to Mrs. Caplan. "I'll be sure to have the
TV on, then." she said, smiling broadly at her son. "Thanks, mom." he replied with a roll of his dark eyes. Lynette pinned her gaze on her
son's fiancee. "And you, Fallon?" she asked. "I'm probably just going to head over to the mall. Find myself something fantabulous to wear
for the premiere." she revealed, smiling over at Reid. He smiled over at her, taking her hand in his, revealing the engagement ring she
wore on her finger as it caught the light, sparkling.


"Oh, it's so beautiful. Let me look at it again!" Mrs. Caplan said, clasping her hand's together. A wide smile played on Fallon's lips as she
held up her hand for the older woman to get a better look. "Oh. My little boy is growing up." Mrs. Caplan said, tearing up. "Oh joy, bring
on the waterworks." Reid said with a roll of his eyes. Fallon got to her feet. "I'll be right back. I'm going to change." she told them as she
made her way out of the kitchen, into the foyer and up the stairs to the second floor. She headed down the hallway into the bedroom, and
made her way over to the closet. She pulled the door open and stepped inside. A few moments later she exited, dressed for the day.

She made her way over to the dresser, peering at her reflection. The ringing of the phone caught her attention. She moved across the room
to the night table and picked it up. "Hello?" she said. There was silence on the other end. "Hello?" she asked again, a frown creasing her face.
"Who is this?" a voice asked from the other end of the line. Fallon scoffed. "Oh great, you have the Ghostface app." she said. "This isn't an
app. This is the real deal." the sinister voice said. Fallon rolled her eyes. "I'm so sure. We get crank calls like this all the time." she revealed.
"This time there's reason to be worried. Does your fiancee really think it's over?" Ghostface asked. Fallon held the phone tightly. A slow ice
cold shiver of fear snaked down her spine. "It's over. What happened is of the past." she said. "Well the past is about to come back and slit
your FUCKING throat! You know what happened to his last girlfriend, right?" he asked. "Fuck you, you sick fuck!" she cried. "I'll make sure
Reid will be watching when I cut you open, pull out your intestines and hang you with them!" Ghostface snarled angrily.

Fallon slammed the phone down, hanging up. She sat down on the bed, fear rolling over her in waves. She closed her eyes and sucked in a
deep breath. "Who was on the phone?" a voice asked, startling her. Fallon startled with a slight gasp, her eyes shooting open to reveal Reid
standing in the bedroom doorway, a frown on his face.

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Woodsboro High School :

Piper stared in the bathroom mirror, adjusting her 'Camp Crystal Lake' tee ( underneath her purple flannel overshirt. With a quick flip of her copper-blonde hair she walked out of the bathroom. Her stomach jumped as she noticed Natalia standing with Wendy and another girl. She had always been friendly with Wendy but Natalia had been nothing but rude to her for as long as she could remember and Piper could tell by the way Lia kept looking over at her that they were indeed talking about her. Inhaling deep she forced a wave to Wendy as she walked past, flashing a devilish side-eye at Natalia as passed the girl.

As she walked down the hall, taking in everybody as she passed them. She was weird like that, always making observations of people's mannerisms. If she had the attention span for it she would have made a great non-web journalist. Her eyes darted as she saw Greg leaning up against his locker, in typical brood mode. Making an a-line for him she propped herself up on the locker beside his.

"So i hear you're back to stalker-boy-ing Abby?" She asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"Look, I don't know what Abs told you but…"

"I don't want to hear it. You made out with Wendy Charles, the whole school knows for Christ's sake. For somebody that's trying to be sooo apologetic you're certainly not doing a very good job."

"What am I supposed to do P? Abby won't even take my calls. I'm sorry and all but I'm not gonna wait around for her all the time. I'm a guy. Guys have needs."

"All I'm saying is, if you want a shot at getting her back, you'll keep it in your damn pants. I like you Greg, for the most part you're an okay dude. But this whole Casanova act is totally not up Abby's ally." Piper began. "Speaking of Abby, here she comes." Piper thought quickly, raising the volume of her voice so Abby could hear as she approached. "Greg I know you're sorry but it's not me you should be telling. It's Abby."

The spunky brunette stopped, grabbing Piper by her upper arm. "What the fuck are you doing behind enemy lines?"

"Abs…" Greg said, grinning as the girl rolled her eyes, dragging Piper away with her.

"I'm sorry ok. He totally ambushed me, I was helpless against his Edward Cullen allure." Piper explained.

"What did his royal broody-ness have to say for himself?" Abby inquired.

"Oh the usual. He's super sorry, or whatever." Piper said.

"Well he should have thought of that BEFORE his tongue penetrated Wendy Charles' veneers."

Piper looked at her friend, a reluctant smile creeping across her lips. "Can we get to class please, I don't want to miss Mr. Shaw's delicious lecture on post-modern something or other."

"Now THERE'S a brooding guy I could get behind… or in front of." Abby joked. "He's the height of dreamy. So are you going to that 'Haunted Corn Maze' thingamajig this week?"

"Abby, I probably told you about 30 times that I have to cover it for my website. Halloween party in Woodsboro? That's like the Oscars of horror."

"Ugh, you know whenever you talk about that nerdy web stuff my brain goes into auto-pilot."

"I have interviews with Grace Valentine, Reid Caplan and Jason Alexander all set-up. You can't even geek out a little for me?" Piper asked.

"How riveting. I'm gonna go grab a cig before class. Care to join?" Abby asked.

"I'll pass. I really wish you'd quit." Piper frowned.

"Oh don't play all high-and-mighty Miss Bailey. 2 vodka-crans and you're a fuckign chimney."

Piper rolled her eyes. "See you in class?"

"Unless Ghostface is out there in the smoke pit."

Bidding her friend adieu, Piper continued her walk down the hall.

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A boy, no more than 17, examines himself in a dresser mirror. This boy is Mitch Grimes, fully dressed in a plain white t-shirt,
dark blue skinny jeans, and some black boots, looking a little nervous. "Okay" Mitch said to himself as he took in a deep breath.
He shakes his head furiously. "Hey, Abby. You. Me. Out tonight baby" he said confidently in the mirror. Mitch rolled his eyes at his
own line. "Seriously, dude? Ugh". Like she'd ever like a guy like me Mitch thought to himself as he shook his head in disappointment.
"Honey, you coming down for breakfast? Your eggs are getting cold." A woman's voice could be heard from the kitchen. "Yeah, just
a minute mom!" he yelled back. Mitch couldn't wait to get to school, and see Abby. It was basically the highlight of his day each
morning. He just hoped Greg wouldn't be there like always. Mitch and Greg aren't on good terms due to Mitch being at Abby's side
most of the time. But Mitch wasn't scared of him, not by a long shot. He just likes to avoid confrontation as much as possible, for Abby.
Mitch moves over to his bed and grabs his black Jansport backpack, which is adorned with several different rock band patches.
He makes his way out into the long hall and into the kitchen.

A beautiful brunette woman is seen putting a plate of eggs, toast, and bacon on the table. "Morning, honey. Your plate is on the table.
Scarf it down fast, because your gonna miss the bus" Mrs. Grimes says as she maneuvers over to the counter and grabs her stainless
steel coffee mug and suitcase. She moves over to her son, and gives him a kiss on the cheek. "Momm" Mitch wines as he wipes his cheek ridding
himself of any lipstick mark. She laughs "Have a great day at school sweety, I gotta run" she says as she moves quickly towards the
front door opening it, and closing it behind her. Mitch moved over the plate giving it a once over. Disgust filled his face. No matter how
many times he mentions to his mother that he doesn't like eggs, she always seems to forget. Mitch grabbed his plate and moved over
to the kitchen door, and opened it revealing a golden retriever. "Hey girl, you hungry? Huh?" Mitch says as he pets his pet lovingly.
"Who's hungry" he says as he teases her with the plate. The wags her tail in excitement. "Aww, here you go Lucy, chow time". Mitch
spills the food off the plate and onto the concrete floor. Mitch closes the door and places the now empty plate into the kitchen counter.
He moves over to the counter, grabs his backpack, and heads out the door, locking it behind him. It was a beautiful Autumn morning in
Woodsboro. This was Mitch' favorite season. Mainly because he loves dressing up like Ghostface and pranking his friends. Especially
Piper. Mitch walked down the walkway towards his car, kicking a couple of leaves along the way. Finally arriving to his blue Honda Civic, he gets inside and drives off.


Parkeing his car in the student's parking lot, Mitch grabbed his backpack and exited the vehicle. He quickly made his way to the front
entrance, hoping he didn't miss Abby. Mitch stopped for a minute to scan the front of the school, until he finally spotted her. "Hey! Wait up!
Abby!" he shouted. Piper was with her, but seemed like she was saying her goodbye's. Mitch walked over to Abby with a huge grin
on his face. "Mitch dude, what's up?" The girl said reaching in for a smoke from her bag. "Hey, Abby. So, I know you like, probably think
these things are fucking lame, BUT, I promise this one's really good" Mitch said as he removes his backpack from his shoulder and fishes
out a custom made CD. "It's got some your favorite bands in it. How I know this you ask. Well, because I played super spy with your iPod
during lunch yesterday" They both share a laugh. "Well thank you, Mitchy" Abby said as she gave him a hug. "Well, you'll have to excuse
me, cuz this fucker needs to piss like a Russian racehorse. Later, Abbs" Mitch quickly salutes as he makes his way into the the school's front doors.

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The Mason House: Exterior


When Jake and Greg had arrived to the victim's home, it was surrounded by police cars and officers walking around. This didn't surpise either of them.

The Mason House: Interior


Both detectives walked in with an expression of dread and worry, Greg in particular. As they looked around, they saw what was the inside of a lovely house. A shining, neat but colorful kitchen, floors and coutches that looked comfortable, and well-lit rooms that immediately gave you the feeling of safety. However, in the TV area that was across from the kitchen, surrounded by police and cameras, was the largely bloody body of Lindy Mason, a 30s, single mother. Jake and Greg only looked ahead at the the pale victim, feeling useless, while it was covered in a white sheet.

"Starting to regret that pie.", Greg remarked.

In the room, a police officer was looking at a lamp that had fingerprints. "I'm pretty sure these belong to the little girl's.", he said, right before accidentally dropping it and quickly picking it back up as if nothing happened.

"Careful officer, this is someone's home!", Jake couldn't help but bark at the cop.

"Not anymore it ain't." The officer walked away, leaving Jake amazed and quietly shaking his head. Suddenly, another cop came up from behind behind him and Greg.

"Are you two the detectives?"

"Yeah. How is she?", Jake asked.

"Pretty traumitised, not that I blame her. But she's been very talkative and, of course, scared, I think it'd help if you asked her about what happened."

"Alright, thanks."

As they made their way to the girl, Greg couldn't hold back what he was thinking.

"Jake, I think I should just let you do this. You're better at this sorta thing."

"I'll handle this, Greg. It's alright."

The detectives came to where the girl was. Surrounding her was a group of cops all asking the same basic, cruel questions without any success. "Make way!", Jake's partner yelled. The group obeyed and all left to go to another room, leaving the three by themselves. Jake looked at the girl with a warm smile for a moment- She was 5 years old, slightly tan, had dark brown hair and big, black eyes. She was wearing her shirt and pants from yesterday, but no socks, despite being offered them. Laying beside her was a cold, untouched sandwich.

The detective said the first thing that came to his mind. "Hey sweetheart, my name is Jake, and this is my partner Greg. Do you know who we are?"

The girl looked at them for a moment, then said, "You're policemen.".

"That's close. We're dectectives. What we do is ask questions so we can help, and that's it."


"So, my first question is...what's your name?"

"It's Jenn."

"Well Jenn, it's pretty cold right now. Why aren't you wearing socks?"

"Because I don't want to."

"Sweetheart, it would help me a lot if you could wear socks. Could you do it for me?"

Jenn considered it, and moments later, she nodded. Jake grabbed a pair of socks one of the cops had previously offered and gave them to the girl to put them on.

With another smile, he then asked, "So, how are you doing?".

"I feel really scared."

"I understand."

"Are you wanting to know about the bad guy?"

"I want to know what he did to you."

"He tied me up last night. Me and my mother, and we were screaming. He put us both in there." Jenn pointed at the direction of the TV room.

"What happened after that?"

"He did nothing to me. It was my mom, she was screaming, and the bad guy started her..." She started to break down into tears.

Jake tried to comfort her. "It's ok, Jenn."

"I closed my eyes and laid there. I didn't know what to do."

"Don't believe for a second that this is your fault."

"Do you want to know what the bad guy looks like so you can put him in jail?"

"The son of a bitch deserves worst.", Greg mumbled to himself.

Jake continued. "Yes, it would help a lot if you could tell me what he looks like."

She tried to remember. "Well, he had black hair like you, except longer. And he was tall, and had really weird-looking eyes."

"Alright. Thank you, you've been a great help. Now, what these policemen are going to do is show you pictures of the men in this town who look like that. And if you see the right one, just tell them and they'll put the guy in jail. Ok?"


"Is there anything you need?"

"No, I'm fine."

"Ya sure?"


"Alright, well we're going to be leaving now."

Jake and Greg started walking away before Jenn said, "Wait!". They turned around.

"You know, you're different than the rest of these people. Why is that?"

Jake looked at her sympathetically for a moment, then walked up to the girl and bent down to her length. "Because I know what it's like to be scared, too."

Afterwards, both detectives left the room to tell the cops what the girl said.

The Mason House: Exterior

15 minutes later, Greg was having a conversation with another officer. Jake stood by himself outside of the house, staring at the road and thinking about his conversation with Jenn, but something almost immediately caught his eye. It was a man on a motorcycle, wearing a Ghostface mask. They both looked at one another. The man started to quickly drive away, and after seeing the back of his head, Jake immediately screamed, "Hey, wait! Stop!". This got the attention of Greg and several other cops. The motorcycle rider wouldn't stop and instead drove away faster. Jake ran after him and started shooting, managing to blow the tires out. The man then attempted to turn around and shoot the detective, but wasn't fast enough. A bullet from Jake went through his hand and he dropped the gun and fell to the ground.

As Greg and the cops were running towards the scene, Jake kicked the gun away and ripped the mask off, revealing a man that was exactly what Jenn had described. He was in his 30s and had a very ragged appearance. A smile started to grow on his face, which revealed yellow teeth.

"Hey, I know you, you're that Jake guy!"

"Shut the hell up!"

"Don't mess with me, man! If you mess with me, you'll be dead like you're sister!"

"What the fuck did you say?"

"I said you'll be MURDERED, just like your little sis-"

Jake started to strangle him, despite the yells of the running cops. By the time they got there, the murderer was seconds away from being dead. Greg ran up to Jake, put his hand on his shoulder, and yelled, "Jake, stop! Stop now!"

With that, the detective let go of the guy, leaving him choking and wheezing heavily. While the killer was being dragged away by the police, Greg and Jake continued to stand there. Greg finally said, "Come on, let's get some coffee.".

"I forgot about how long it had been since I had something to eat. A drinker eats when he's loaded, a real drunk eats when he's not."

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Interior - Next Chapter Book Store


Cate and Natalia walk into the busy book and coffee store. Joining the queue, Cate looked at her watch, impatiently.

"Somewhere you need to be already?" Natalia groaned.
"No. I just fucking hate waiting" Cate said, a little too loud.
Several people turned to look at her.
"Damn, Cat. You really need to chill"
Cate didn't respond, she started tapping her foot.
"Or get some" continued Natalia.
"Hey. My sixteen year old sister is the last person I need bedroom advice from, but thank you for your concern"
"No problem! Next week? Tampons!" Natalia shot back, in an overly enthusiastic tone.
"Ugh" Cate simply replied. She moved forward in the queue.
"'s work?"
"You don't wanna know. How's school?"
"I'm glad you asked" started Natalia.
"Oh..bluff called"
"Ha ha. I managed to get an extension on my biology report. And I think I might make Captain of the squad at this rate"
"You are so Bring It On right now, Lia, it's killing me"
"What's "Bring It On"?"
Cate went to explain. But could only sigh.

The queue moved forward and Cate and Natalia ordered their drinks, then sat down on the bench in the window of the store, looking out onto Woodsboro Town Square.

"Dad's worried about you" said Natalia, concern in her voice.
"He's not worried. He's curious. Curious and nosey"
"He said that you're going to kill yourself eventually, if you keep going like this"
"Like what, Lia?" Cate snapped.
"Work. Your lack of a social life, let alone body fat"
Cate picked up her purse and opened it, fishing out her cell and her cigarettes. Mostly to avoid her sisters eyes.
"Cate, I'm serious. If you're not going to listen to Daddy, then at least listen to me"
Cate stood abruptly and grabbed her coffee off of the bar.
"Please?" continued Natalia, her voice cracking with emotion.
Cate noticed the tears in her eyes. She moved back towards her sister, when a car pulling up out front caught her eye.

"Fuck" said Cate. Stunned.
"What? What is it?
"Ok. I'm going to sit back down. Then, once those two guys have gone to the counter, we get the fuck out of here. Right?"
"Huh? Yeah. I don't-"
"You don't need to! Just follow my lead and be stealthy"
Natalia looked at the guys get out of their car. She immediately recognised one of them.
"You have got to shitting me, Cate"
"Seriously? Him? Still? I mean sure, he's extra salty, but it's been forever"
"Shut up, shut up. Shut. Up."
Natalia giggled, reveling in her sister's awkward situation.
The two men entered. Cate felt herself involuntarily cringe at the sound of the door opening.
She looked at her sister and whispered "We good to go?"
"Ha, yeah, come on"

The two slipped out of their chairs and quickly made their way to the exit. A mere few steps away from the entrance, Cate's unclosed purse dropped it's contents.
Natalia burst into laughter. Cate dropped to her knees and scrambled to collect her belongings.
"No way! Cate! You carry rubbers?", laughed Natalia, "you're like the least sexed person on the planet"
Cate could feel her cheeks flush to the point where she thought she was on fire. She stood, grabbing Natalia by the arm and marched out.

As the store's door shut behind her, she stole a quick glance at the men she was so desperate to avoid and made direct eye contact with Detective Jake Hetter. She broke it instantly and hurried to her car, her sister laughing hysterically all the way.

No one mourns the Wicked...

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“…and that’s why we only have issues of National Geographic from 1986-1994.” The round woman in uniform behind the desk said. Her brown curls bounced and her kind eyes sparkled as she nodded her head up and down. Image

Avery removed her chin from her palm and sat upright so she was no longer leaning on the wooden counter. “No shit Doris. You’ve got some good stories. You’re like all the Golden Girls wrapped into one. It’s superb talking to you, really my friend. You should think about writing a book. You’d probably do a whole lot better than I am.” She laughed and brushed her long brunette hair off her shoulders.

Doris smiled back at her. “Thinking about calling it a day?”

Avery glanced down at her silver pearl faced watch. “Nah, I’ll probably give it another hour or so. It’s still pretty early, maybe we’ll see some fresh faces.” She wiggled her eyebrows up and down. “But seriously, is the geriatric unit over there always this busy?” She pointed past Doris to a few older men sitting at desks busying themselves in front of monitors.

Doris chuckled and smiled back at Avery. “Sorry dear, only when it comes to reporters. You missed Jake, Freddy & Mikeston, our younger crew, while you were in the bathroom. They were here for about 2 minutes before they got called out to a scene. But I haven’t seen John yet., he should be around soon.” Doris glanced over her shoulder at the older men behind her. “Ya gotta admit though, they do a pretty good job of looking busy.” The older woman laughed some more.

“Please, they’re not that good.” She pointed to the first cop’s desk, “Solitare,” her finger moved to the next cop, “Golf digest,”, and her finger settled on the last cop and she tilted her head sideways. “Huh…Perez Hilton.” Mr. Perez looked up at her when she pointed him out. She winked and blew him a kiss. His eyes widened and he buried his head behind the computer screen once more. Avery rolled her eyes and smiled to herself. “Whatever, one more hour and I’ll call it quits. You got my back Doris?”
Doris smiled and shook her head and snapped her fingers. “You know it girlfriend.”

Avery laughed and pulled a butterfinger out of her purse. “That’s for you, crazy lady. Pound it up.” She extended her fist and waited until Doris mimicked her gesture and tapped her fist. Avery laughed and walked back towards the sitting area. She pulled out a small voice recorder and loaded a fresh tape into the dock. “Ok, got to the police station at about 6:02am. It’s several hours later and no one will talk to me. Apparently during my 10 minute bathroom break there was some action and several younger cops came in and went right out. Just my freakin’ luck. The overweight bald cops seem unphased by my presence, and as I explained to my new best friend Doris, I’m calling it quits in an hour.” She sighed and then continued. “Doris enjoys long baths and walks after dinner with her husband Walter, she also has approximately 7 cats.” She laughed and flopped down on one of the uncomfortable plastic chairs. “I'm exhausted and I really have to say, things are not turning out as I had hoped. Avery Walker reporting, I’m pretty sure it’s Wednesday. Wait…Doris is shaking her head, it’s not Wednesday at all. Damnit.” She clicked the tape recorder off and shoved it back into her pursed. She secured her hair back with a clip and tried to get comfortable in the crummy chair, she exhaled slowly and closed her eyes…

~Poison Ivy~

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Woodsboro High : Interior

Wendy waves back at Piper slightly, then gives Lia a stern look.
"She's actually nice if you get to know her", Wendy says to Natalia. "But anyways, we catch up later for some FroYo", Wendy tells Lia with a smirk. "I'm sure they'll have a bag of peanuts and water bottles." With that, Wendy walks away from them, approaching Piper, who has just finished talking to someone.

"Listen don't let them bother you okay? Natalia has a stick up her ass." she says to Piper, then quickly walks off from her in the other direction. Suddenly, she hears the last bell ring, and the hallways quickly empty out. Wendy, already freaking out because she know the stupid bitch of a teacher she has will give her a detention, decides to ask the only person she know will help her, Mr Searcy, her ex-gym teacher.


"I need a pass ...", She says to him, not even looking into his eyes. She then gets pulled into his office. She takes a seat on his couch as she watches him close all of the curtains, and lock the door. "Can you just give me a FUCKING pass? I'm not even asking you for that much ...", she begs him, being slightly annoyed.
"Wendy, don't you remember what we had ...", Mr Searcy tells her, as he lifts her chin and kisses her on her lips. Wendy, being very annoyed now pushes him off of her and gets up, tucking her hair behind her diamond studded ear. "You seriously never seem to amaze me, leave me the fuck alone! Get the fuck over me, move on with your damn life!", She screams to him in a hushed tone so the teachers outside won't hear her. Suddenly, she feels his big muscular arms grab her shoulder and slam her into the wall. Mr Searcy pins Wendy into the wall and punches the wall next to her. "I fucking dare you ...", she taunts him, not being phased by this. Wendy pushes him off of her harshly and storms out of his office, without a pass.

You think you had a shitty boyfriend? Here's one that fucks you, dumps you, and doesn't even make you famous ... - Jill Roberts

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